Why Georgia Has the Perfect Climate for Poolwerx Franchise Growth

The pool service and retail franchise is looking to add 16 new franchise territories in cities like Atlanta, Savannah, Albany, Athens, Augusta and Macon.

As Poolwerx continues its impressive growth trajectory in the U.S., the trailblazing full-service swimming pool repair, maintenance and retail franchise is setting its sights on Georgia for its next phase of expansion. Currently boasting 72 territories and 31 business units across the country, Poolwerx hopes to add 30 new franchises annually in the U.S. And in Georgia alone, the team aims to add 16 new franchise locations in key markets across the state. Now, all they need are the passionate and qualified franchise owners to help them do it.

The decision to expand into Georgia is twofold. For one, the state’s economy is booming. The Atlanta DMA is the tenth largest in the U.S., with a population of almost 2.5 million. The area’s robust economy and average household income exceeding $50,000 create an ideal environment for a home service provider like Poolwerx. And two, Georgia has ideal climatic conditions for pool usage.

“Georgia’s seasonal weather, coupled with factors like leaf fall, humidity and strong heating demand, creates a high demand for quality pool services,” said Andrew Kidd, CEO of Poolwerx North America.

In Georgia and beyond, the industry for pool maintenance, currently valued at $7.2 billion, has experienced significant expansion in recent years. A 2020 survey revealed that the installation of home swimming pools surged by a staggering 533% within a single year, largely due to people staying home during the global health crisis. Despite its growth, the sector has been marred by a lack of consolidation, leaving many small-scale businesses struggling to meet the technology and customer service expectations of contemporary consumers.

“Georgia currently experiences a gap between the demand for quality pool providers and the availability of such services, providing a ripe opportunity for Poolwerx to fill this void,” said Kidd.

With a robust business model, Poolwerx has made a name for itself in both the residential and commercial pool service sectors. The brand’s offering encompasses a wide range from salt chlorinators to preventative maintenance, and pool filter installation. This diversity ensures that Franchise Partners have a multitude of avenues to explore within the pool industry, catering to various customer needs. This, coupled with a strong focus on training and technology, positions its Franchise Partners for success.

The investment to start a Poolwerx franchise, ranging from $182,072 to $430,322, includes comprehensive training in water balance, hydrodynamics and other key areas, preparing Franchise Partners to meet the diverse needs of pool owners. With an average gross revenue of $2,154,423 for 20 reporting Franchise Partners in 2022, the financial potential for new Franchise Partners in Georgia is substantial.

Kidd emphasizes that now is the ideal time to get on board with Poolwerx in Georgia, with training and preparations ramping up for a strong launch in the spring 2024 season. The team has identified several key growth markets, primarily the Atlanta Metropolitan area and regional towns like Savannah, Albany, Athens, Augusta and Macon. Each new territory in Georgia is expected to support a retail store and at least four service vehicles.

“In our journey to redefine pool care excellence across America, Georgia stands out as a key market ripe for innovation and quality service,” said Kidd. “Those interested in the pool cleaning franchise space often only see the tip of the massive revenue stream iceberg. The growing pool population in the U.S. presents a vast opportunity for entrepreneurs — every pool built needs a wide-range of maintenance, products and services. At Poolwerx, we’re equipped to cater to it all.”


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