Tennis Pro Brings Poolwerx to Amelia Island, Florida

Poolwerx, the leading swimming pool repair, maintenance and retail franchise, has proudly announced its latest franchise agreement in the thriving Amelia Island, Florida region.

The new franchise is spearheaded by Chris King, a dedicated tennis instructor with a history of successful small business operations. Amelia Island, known for its year-round pleasant weather and a significant number of pools, presents a promising market for the Poolwerx brand.

“After doing our research on Poolwerx, it was clear that this was going to be the company we partnered with for our business venture,” said King. “The people that work for Poolwerx corporate really care about the Franchise Partner and their success in the various territories across the country. Their processes are proven and their support is comforting, so it was an easy decision for us.”

What sets Poolwerx apart is its “hub and spoke” model that equips its franchise affiliates with multiple revenue streams within the pool care industry. The hub is the retail store (and respective e-commerce site) from which Franchise Partners sell products, and the spokes are their service trucks, which provide an extensive array of residential services. This includes preventative maintenance, emergency repairs, pool filter installation, green pool clean up, hot tub and spa repair, pool heating, pool sand change, pool lighting, saltwater conversion and even pool training for those homeowners who want to become an expert themselves.

In addition to its residential focus, Poolwerx is also a player in the commercial arena, serving a diverse set of establishments like hotels, multi-family residences, condos and homeowners’ associations.

For incoming franchisees like King, Poolwerx provides extensive training, covering topics like water balance, hydrodynamics and other crucial subjects. An advanced training center located in Dallas offers hands-on learning experiences and problem-solving exercises, equipping people from diverse backgrounds to become skilled pool care specialists. Moreover, the company employs a custom-built software platform to streamline business operations, along with a strong emphasis on digital marketing strategies.

Looking ahead, King is confident that his skills and the support from Poolwerx will enable him to dominate the competition and establish a thriving business in northeast Florida.

“We want Poolwerx to be the go-to company for all pool owners’ needs,” said King. “We will be part of the community, providing great service and nurturing customer relationships — but most of all we want to offer dependable and quality work.”

Andrew Kidd, North America CEO of Poolwerx, says the team couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome King to the Poolwerx family.

“As the $7.2 billion pool industry continues to grow, especially in regions like Florida, it’s essential to have dedicated and passionate Franchise Partners like Chris King,” said Kidd. “Poolwerx is committed to providing platforms that ensure both customer satisfaction and Franchise Partner efficiency, and we’re confident that this new partnership will further solidify our position as industry leaders.”


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