Poolwerx Northern Utah named to Pool Pro Magazine’s 30 Under 40 List

Poolwerx Northern Utah is a dynamic outdoor living and pool maintenance franchise founded by Kevin Linsley and Steven Kay. Drawing on their backgrounds in landscape architecture and horticulture, the duo brings a blend of design aesthetics and technical expertise to the pool industry.

After obtaining a degree in landscape architecture from Utah State University, Linsley spent six years in outdoor space design and construction before starting his own outdoor living company, Valley Design Build. In 2015, Kay, armed with a horticultural degree from Brigham Young University-Idaho, joined Valley Design Build, overseeing complex and intricate landscape projects and helping clients transform their outdoor spaces into dreamscapes.

During this time, they found a lack of comprehensive pool and water feature servicing.

“After we would finish the pools, the clients would ask who would take care of the pool, and we could not give them a good answer,” Kay says. “So, we decided to do our market research to see if starting a pool maintenance company was a good plan. After months of research and vetting Poolwerx, we decided to run with the idea.”

Linsley hopes their company can support families by offering personal and exceptional service.

“There are more pools being installed in Utah than ever before,” he says. “We are going to be here to support all those families after the builders are finished.”

What Linsley finds most exhilarating about the pool industry is its constant variation and obstacles each pool presents. He is also committed to pool safety; he believes greater emphasis should be placed on creating safe pools and implementing defense mechanisms to prevent child drownings.

For Kay, making customers happy is the most rewarding aspect. Whether it’s ensuring crystal-clear water or maintaining pool equipment, the goal is to provide a seamless and enjoyable pool ownership experience.

“Everyone is happy in a pool, and if we are the reason they get to swim, all the better,” Kay says.

Moving forward, Kay hopes to master his craft as well as increase the company’s presence with more storefronts in Utah. He draws inspiration from a concept in board gaming known as “building your engine.”

“There are two ways to play most games — go straight for points immediately or build your engine,” he explains. “This is where you grow slow and take little reward upfront. I’ve always been a build-your-engine person — seeking the reward after all the work.”

For more information about Pool Pro Magazine, please visit their website: https://poolpromag.com/30-under-40-linsley-kay-poolwerx-northern-utah/


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