Poolwerx and Norwest Join Forces to Dominate the Pool Maintenance Industry

Investing in an already established industry with dominant players is scary for any investor because your business will take a while to break even. That’s why fragmented industries are often the go-to for business investors.

A fragmented industry describes any sector where there is no single or even a small group of companies that dominate the industry. This means no competitor has a defensible leadership position like Walmart has in retail or Starbucks has in coffee. Who wants to compete with Walmart and Starbucks?

Fragmented industries make ideal targets for companies looking to enter and potentially dominate a market because it’s easier than in other industries to enter new markets and establish a strong presence. The swimming pool maintenance and repair industry is highly fragmented.

According to IBISWorld (February 2022), there are over 74,000 swimming pool cleaning and maintenance companies operating in the U.S. alone, generating almost $8 billion in revenue, growing in excess of 6% per year. However, despite all those companies generating massive amounts of income, there isn’t a company that has a 5% market share. Yet.

That’s where Poolwerx and Norwest Venture Partners come in.

Poolwerx and private equity firm Norwest Venture Partners have partnered up in order to create the most dominant brand in the highly fragmented swimming pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair industry. Over the years, Norwest has developed an impressive long track record of accelerating the growth and market share of high-potential brands with a similar opportunity as Poolwerx. We help you break even; with us, you will have a sizable percentage of the overall national market share.

Poolwerx franchisees benefit from the influx of experience and capital that translates into better processes, tools, and resources franchisees can utilize to become the most dominant player in their local markets. With more investors onboard, Poolwerx now has the more capital, experience, and a more extensive network of professionals to build a better system. Franchisees benefit by having better resources than other competitors in their marketplace. When you join us as a franchisee, you’ll get access to the following:

  • Marketing support. No business will survive without proper marketing, and it’s pretty hard to market as a solo business. At Poolwerx franchising, we’ll help you grow your business with comprehensive marketing campaigns and assistance with regional and local marketing.
  • Purchasing power. In a world where business is super competitive, staying on top of your game is challenging. We help you stay competitive by backing your business with our negotiating and buying power, ensuring that our suppliers give you the best products we have approved.
  • Training and support. One way that we ensure you achieve success is by offering you our world-class training and support. You and your staff will undergo continuous training, and you will have access to our expert support in all departments. From IT to HR, we make it easier for our partners to thrive in their businesses.
  • Brand strength. Branding is one of the core pillars of any business. Once you join Poolwerx, you will be part of a global brand respected for its first-class aftermarket pool services and products.

The growth strategy and critical path are simple if you’re worried about how your business will grow. To achieve the intended success, Poolwerx, franchisees, and Norwest Venture Partners will work together to become a dominant national brand by first helping franchisees dominate their local markets. By helping franchisees dominate enough local markets, Poolwerx naturally steps into a dominant national position.

This is an exciting time for the Poolwerx brand, and you can be a part of it too! If you’re interested in learning more about owning a Poolwerx franchise, call Tara Merchant at 310.318.4389 or email Tara.Merchant@Poolwerx.com.


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