Poolwerx: 12 Reasons Why Poolwerx is the Next Big Brand

If you are interested in getting into the rapidly growing home services sector, you should consider joining the leader in swimming pool services and repair for the following reasons.

  1. Strong unit-level economics. Poolwerx franchisees generate both high volume and high margins and average $1.6MM in sales (see 2021 FDD for more details).
  2. Weak competition. No brand has 5% market share. The swimming pool maintenance, service, and repair business largely consists of small, unbranded, independent businesses. This makes it easier and less expensive for new franchisees to penetrate new markets and establish a brand. Poolwerx franchisees stand out.
  3. Recurring revenue. Unlike other home services like painting, closet systems, garage systems, gutters, and other residential products and services, Poolwerx franchisees have recurring revenue.
  4. Franchisees’ revenue doesn’t solely depend on new business. Anyone who has ever owned a business knows that it is easier to grow a business when you are building on a base of customers you can count on each month to generate revenue.
  5. Building equity. Recurring revenue businesses like Poolwerx not only generate revenue, but also help owners create equity and build their net worth. When it is time to sell, businesses with repeat customers create recurring revenue which business purchasers find attractive and often pay a premium for.
  6. Low entry cost. Franchisees can be acquired for under $100,000 including working capital.
  7. Easy to start. New franchisees can be open for business within months of deciding to move forward and business can ramp up quickly.
  8. Break-even. Poolwerx franchisees have low fixed costs, translating to better break-even points and quick ramp ups.
  9. Multiple revenue streams. Unlike home service products, Poolwerx franchisees diversify their revenue over services, products like chlorine, salt chlorinators, preventative maintenance (like algae treatments), repairs, equipment sales and installation (pool filters) and retail sales.
  10. Amazon-resistant. Pool service and repair seemingly cannot be serviced through online retailers nor can it be outsourced to other countries. With their small footprint retail model, Poolwerx franchisees become their community’s local pool and spa experts.
  11. Professional marketing support. As new customers select their pool service company through Google searches, online reviews, and social reputation, Poolwerx franchisees benefit from Poolwerx’s experienced digital marketing team. This is a service many independent pool services don’t have the money or sophistication to compete.
  12. Technical training and support. Poolwerx corporate office maintains a state-of-the-art training facility for pool service technicians and franchisees to stay current with the latest products and technology. You can also obtain CPO (certified pool operator) certification.
  13. Highly scalable. Franchisees can grow revenues within existing territories by adding retail and other related products and services as well as opening new territories.
    Poolwerx is expanding rapidly across the United States, but prime territories are still available.

If you want to learn more about investing in a Poolwerx franchise, request more information through our online contact form or call us at 1-800-407-6657. Learn how to become financially independent while leveraging 25 years of award-winning support and training.


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