Poolwerx: Available Territories and Rapid Expansion

Poolwerx, an industry leader in the pool, hot tub, and spa maintenance, is proud to announce that we are expanding throughout many Southern and Western U.S. states.

Pools are on the rise. In the first three quarters of 2020, about 94,000 residential pools were built in the United States. That’s a 21 percent increase compared to 2019. Warm weather states such as Texas, Arizona, and Florida issued 30 percent more pool permits than the year before. Some areas saw a 400 percent increase in hot tubs. Each of these new pools and hot tubs requires regular maintenance.

It’s no wonder that Poolwerx is now the fastest-growing pool and hot tub aftermarket service provider, in one of the fastest-growing industries, in the United States.

Why Invest with Poolwerx?

Unlike many franchise opportunities, Poolwerx offers unprecedented Franchise Partner support and training franchise owners expect. No previous industry experience is required to flourish as a Poolwerx Franchise Partner.

Training and Support

At Poolwerx, we shine in the areas of franchisee training and support. It’s in our combined best interest to see all franchisees succeed. Training includes such topics as:

  • Pool, hot tub and, spa management – Before coming to Poolwerx, most of our Franchise Partners were new to pool, hot tub, and spa management. By the time they graduate from our comprehensive, structured training program, supported by field visits, they are among the best trained in the industry. We provide ongoing training, especially as new technologies, such as non-chlorine options, emerge and networking opportunities with staff and existing franchisees.
  • Sales – Backed by Poolwerx’s marketing infrastructure, our sales training teaches our franchisees Partners to sell new business and drive top line revenue.
  • Business management – To run a successful business, owners need more than just sales and service training. That’s why Poolwerx offers franchisees robust back-office operations such as IT, marketing, bookkeeping, accounting, human resources, and more.
  • Franchisee network – Tap into the collective experience of fellow franchisees. Between our franchisees and our support network, new franchisees would be hard-pressed to find a situation we have not already encountered and solved.
Brand Strength

Poolwerx is a time-tested 30-year old brand, well-respected by both customers and suppliers.

Purchasing Power

Poolwerx franchisees have the benefit of mass purchasing power, giving franchisees priority and price advantages with key suppliers.

Marketing Support

As residential and commercial swimming pool owners often make their purchasing decisions based on online advertising and research, the small independent servicing companies who currently make up the bulk of our industry struggle to keep up. Poolwerx franchisees are supported by expert marketing professionals proficient in digital advertising and social media promotions.

Poolwerx Franchise Opportunities

When it comes to Poolwerx franchise territories, the sky’s the limit. Even cool Northern U.S. states offer a year-round spa, hot tub, indoor pool business, and summer outdoor pool business.

Some regions are experiencing exceptionally rapid growth in pools, hot tubs, and spas. We have existing opportunities in:

  • Arizona
  • California – particularly, but not limited to, the San Diego market
  • Florida – we’re seeing significant growth in the Panhandle area
  • Georgia
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Texas – specifically, but not limited to, Houston and Dallas
  • Virginia

Learn how to become financially independent while leveraging 25 years of award-winning support and training.


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